How do I enable Cisco fair queue on my 3620 router to use along with your diff serv?

1. Cisco fair queue command to work with our diff serv.

The Cisco fair queue command will need to be enabled on each wan port of each Cisco router that will service or transport voice over IP packets. Your router may have more than one wan interface, but maybe voice only goes over 1 of the wan ports. This port would have fair queue enabled, and the router at the other end of the wan port would require the fair queue command enabled. Here is a sample command string. This string assumes your wan port is located at slot 0, port 0.

A. Log into the Cisco command port via the serial port or via telnet.
B. Type "config t" and hit enter.
C. Type "init s0/0" and hit enter.
D. Type "fair-queue" and hit enter.

Now the wan port at slot 0, port 0 is setup to read the packet the MVP will send as voice and give it priority over data. Repeat the steps A-D on any additional wan ports that are to transport voice packets. Diff Serv under IP setup on the MultiVoIP also needs to be enabled on each MultiVoIP.

Please contact Cisco if your menu options are different.