How do I enable Caller ID on this modem?

The Caller ID functions are supported in the domestic version of this modem. The command AT*C is used to control the Caller ID function. The default for this command is 0 which means the function is disabled. You must make sure that the call is not answered before the 2nd ring so the ID information is sent. To see how many rings the modem is set to answer after use the command ATS0? It should be at 2 but if not ATS0=2&W will set it to 2. Here is some more information that you may need:

Command: *C<Enter>

Values: 0, 1, 2

Default: 0 (feature disabled)

Result Codes: OK if the command is accepted; ERROR if the parameter value is out of range.

Description: Caller ID Reporting The Call Traffic Window will display the phone number and name of an individual that dials in on a phone line that supports Caller ID. The call must not be answered before the second ring to receive this information. This feature requires a modem hardware upgrade, Caller ID phone lines, and a firmware level greater than 8.07a or 2.07a. The Caller ID firmware is disabled by default, and is enabled with the *C command:

*C0 Caller ID Detection disabled.

*C1 Caller ID Detection enabled with no display.

*C2 Caller ID Reporting enabled with display.

*C3 Caller ID Reporting enabled with display of the last CID information available.