How do I delete all email from the SMTP Proxy queue?

There are two methods.

How to Winscp and clean:

1) Here is a link to download WinSCP:

2) Run Winscp on your windows PC and copy the file to /home/login directory

3) SSH into the RF650VPN and go to the /home/login directory

4) chmod 777 (this command will allow the file to be executed)

5) ./ (this command will remove all the mail messages)

6) /sbin/init.d/qmail status (this command will show if there are any more messages in the email queue)

Alternate method:

You need to login with Superuser rights. After you login as loginuser(via ssh), you need to type "su" at the command prompt and enter the password.

Delete all emails from smtp proxy queue (using ssh, login as loginuser and su (root)):

cd /var/chroot-smtp/var/qmail/queue /sbin/init.d/qmail status /sbin/init.d/qmail stop
rm -f `find info -type f`
rm -f `find intd -type f`
rm -f `find mess -type f`
rm -f `find remote -type f`
rm -f `find todo -type f`
/sbin/init.d/qmail start

Delete a single email from smtp proxy (using ssh, login as loginuser and su (root)):

Get the email-id (5 digits) with /sbin/init.d/qmail status
cd /var/chroot-smtp/var/qmail/queue rm -f `find . -type f -name EMAIL-ID`

Delete all emails from the virusscan queue:

cd /var/chroot-smtp/var/spool/qmailscan/working/atq/ rm -rf *

* if the queue is too big and has too many messages and can not be remove using 'rm', then it has to be done using perl script

Delete all not yet preprocessed emails:

The command "ls -R" in /var/chroot-smtp/var/qmail/queue shows in which directory the not yet preprocessed emails are stored. Delete it!