How do I add a new printer driver in the FaxFinder?

Please use the following procedure to install PostScript Printer Description (PPD) files.

A. The first step is to download the appropriate PPD file from the printer manufacturer that supports the CUPS/Gutenprint environment supported by the FaxFinder.

B. Next, you need to upload the PPD file to the FaxFinder's /usr/local/share/ppd directory using SCP. Please follow the steps below to upload this file:
1.   If using Windows, download and install the WinSCP software. This is a free program that can be downloaded from 
2.   Launch WinSCP software.
3.   Select NEW button to create new session.
4.   In Host Name field enter the IP address of the FaxFinder.
5.   Port Number should be set to 22.
6.   Enter the username, which should be admin, and the administrator's password.
7.   Private Key File will be left blank.
8.   Set the protocol to SCP.
9.   Click on the Login button.
10.   WinSCP should log into the FaxFinder and show folders on the left and right sides.
11.   On the right side is the FaxFinder. Navigate to the /usr/local/share/ppd folder on the right side by double clicking the usr folder, then local, share, and ppd.
12.   On the left side is your PC file system. Navigate to the location of the PPD file on your PC and select that file.
13.   With the PPD file selected, click on the Copy option at the bottom.
14.   When the Copy window pops up, click on the Copy button. NOTE: You may receive an error message saying the file was successfully sent but it couldn't set the permissions or time stamp. This is okay. Just click on the skip button.
15.   Verify the PPD file is now in the right window.
16.   Click on the Quit button on the bottom to exit WinSCP.

C. Now reboot the FaxFinder.

D. Once the FaxFinder reboots it will detect the new PPD file and add it to the printer list. You should then be able to add or edit a printer with the new driver in the System Configuration Printer menu.