How do I activate the V.110 protocol?

The command to enable V.110 on these Terminal Adapters is AT!Z=6. However, some MTA128ST models do not have V.110 support. If the response to the command AT!Z=6 results in ERROR, then your MTA128ST does not support V.110.

Command: !Z=n
Function: Rate Adaption Protocol
Values: n = 5, 6, 9, or 12
Default: !Z=5 (V.120)
Description: The !Z command selects the rate adaption protocol used to communicate with another terminal adapter. The local and remote terminal adapters must be set to the same protocol for communication to take place.

!Z=5 V.120 protocol
!Z=6 V.110 protocol
!Z=9 ML-PPP protocol
!Z=12 X.75 protocol

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