How can I set a timeout value to the connected dialup connections? Also is there a way to create a report of how long each user was connected?

RASExpress (the software running on the RAS96-T1 cards) has two different time out parameters.

1) The idle time out.
2) The session time out (max session duration regardless of data activity).

Both of these parameters are set on a per port basis. These parameters are found in the Virtualport Information menu.

Telnet to the IP address of RASExpress (one RASExpress per chassis). Select ->"Configuration of Server" (Login as supervisor) then ->"Server Setup" ->"Virtual Port Information", then select the first port and then select option 2 "session Time out".

A value of zero (which is our default setting) disables the session time out and lets the user stay on indefinitely (assuming they meet the idle timeout variable).

The max value is 300 (300 minutes).

Once You have entered in a value - press the escape key and You'll be brought back to the list of wan ports. Select the next wan port and continue on until all ports are set, then press the escape key until You are prompted to save changes, type Y for Yes and then continue to press the escape key until the telnet session disconnects. The server should be rebooted. The reboot can be performed via Telnet to RAS, select, Management of Server ->Server Information and then reboot.

Regarding "reports" related to session duration - there is more than one way to achieve this information.

The most common way (industry standard) is via RADIUS Accounting -

If You are using RADIUS, then enable RADIUS accounting in RASExpress - and then check with your RADIUS Server (documentation) for means of extracting "session duration" information per user per call.