How can I query the values of SNMP objects on MultiVOIP using snmp binaries(snmpget, snmapwalk etc..) in unix.

We do not have an SNMP configuration utility for Unix. We do have our MultiVOIP Manager SNMP configuration software for Windows. If you install this software on a Windows PC, there will be "mib" files in the directory the MultiVOIP Manager software installs to. You may be able to compile these mib files and import them into your Unix-based SNMP configuration utility, provided you can convert them to a format Unix will understand. You also have the option of Web-based configuration if your VOIP is running firmware version 4.03 or greater. This firmware, along with instructions for performing the upgrade, can be downloaded from our web site at:

The VOIP Web interface also requires you use a current browser (Netscape 6 or higher) with Java enabled.