How can I escape/break out of serial mode?

There is a certain timing to escape out of the serial mode. Normally you may type +++ at any time to escape. However, if using Network Join Modes 2 or 3 (AT+NJM=2 or AT+NJM=3), then you may need to use the following instructions.

Make sure your terminal program is connected to the port for the AT commands. This is normally listed as "XR21V1410 USB UART" when using the development kit boards.

With the mDot running, press the reset button for the mDot. Don't hit any buttons for 1 second and then hit +++ quickly and it should come back with an OK message and then allow AT commands. It may take a few tries to get the timing right, it is important to not hit any buttons while it is resetting and for about a second afterwards.

One thing to note is that the +++ escape has 1 sec timing guards on each end. Be sure not to hit the enter key or any other key before or after. Make sure to pause at least a second between +++ attempts.