How can I edit the Outbound Phonebook? Is there a way 'programmatically' (w/o using the GUI interface) to change the IP address of an entry in the OUTBOUND phone book?

An MVP210, 410, 810, 2400, 2410, 3010 running firmware version 6.03/4.03 or newer, affords you 3 methods of accessing configuration to edit the Outbound Phonebook. If you do not want to use the GUI software over a serial connection, your remaining options include using either the Web interface with Java pluggin installed or our MultiVOIP Manager SNMP configuration software over IP.

The MultiVOIP Manager SNMP configuration utility is included on the CD you received with the voip. The current version of this software can also be downloaded from: The file name is MVM105.EXE. You must access the VOIP GUI via the Com Port to enable SNMP before you can use this utility. Go to SNMP under Configuration and place a check in the box next to Enable SNMP Agent. Enter the IP address of the computer running the MultiVOIP Manager software in Trap Manager Address. Configure Community Name as Supervisor.

The Web interface is only supported with 6.03, or newer, firmware. You must use a current browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 and newer or Netscape 6.0 and newer) with Java enabled. Java is included on currently shipping voip CD. The required Java plug-in can also be downloaded from our ftp site at Download and install the j2re-1_4_0-win-i.exe file. Reboot your PC after the installation.