How can I change the date and time on the RF820 as the SNTP Client does not work when enabled?

The failure of SNTP may be due to: DNS resolution is not working, the time protocol(tcp 123) may be blocked ahead of the router, or the IP address/name is incorrect. If DNS resolution is failing, placing the numeric IP address within the Server field under SNTP Client, SHOULD resolve the time protocol failure. If the TCP port 123 is blocked, there will be no resolution UNTIL the provider or the device ahead of the RouteFinder removes this block. If a particular time server is not responding, try a few of the commonly assessible servers on the internet and if more than two have been attempted without success, it is safe to assume that the time protocol is very likely being blocked and this goes back to the demand that the provider or the device ahead of the Routefinder will need to remove this block or filter.