Flashing firmware file to xDot fails

When flashing firmware bin files to the MTMDK-XDOT and the progress bar doesn't appear and it doesn't appear to program the xDot, check the XDOT and see if there is a FAIL.EXE file.
This file indicates the firmware upgrade failed, and the contents of the FAIL.TXT will show a failure message indicating why it failed.

If you see this problem repeatedly, double check that your firmware file is for the xDot model, and that it is a good bin file.

You can try using the factory AT firmware to upgrade the xDot to verify that it can successfully upgrade with a known good firmware file.
You can find the AT firmware bin files on the multitech.net downloads page:


If the xDot gets into a state where known good firmware files aren't upgrading properly, you can often recover it by holding the reset button on the xDot while dragging and dropping the file in the XDOT drive and releasing reset immediately afterwards.

If it is still failing and you're using a custom firmware, there could be a problem in the code that is causing to crash and become unresponsive.