Fixed - A problem on the -FX models where the FXS channel would stop working. The user would go off hook on the channel and they would not hear dial tone.

This was fixed in IFM 1.15

MultiVOIP IFM Firmware Download:

1. Serially connect the MultiVOIP to a computer that has the MultiVOIP 1.09 configuration software installed.

2. Select the Download IFM Firmware option from the MultiVOIP 1.09 program group.

3. You will receive a message telling you, "Downloading IFM Firmware will Reboot the MultiVOIP. Do you want to continue?". Click OK to this message to bring up the Open dialog box.

4. The Open box will contain only one file - Select this file and click Open to bring up the IFM Firmware Download dialog box.

5. Leave Download Mode set to Parallel, check Copy To All IFM's, and click OK to begin the download.

6. This will download the IFM firmware to all voip channels simultaneously, which will take about 3 - 5 minutes.

7. You will receive an IFM Test window letting you know the download was successful once it completes. Click OK to this window and the MultiVOIP will reboot itself.

8. This procedure does not affect configuration. You may continue to use the MultiVOIP exactly as you have been once it is finished.