Fixed - A modem Connect / Handshake failure. When receiving a CFR (Confirmation to Receive -a confirmation the initial speed was good) and the modem gets a CRC error, the modem times-out and the the session is dropped with a FHS:20 error response.

MT5634ZBA-V92, MT5634ZBA-V-V92

The CFR or FTT (Failure-to-Train) signal are sent in the beginning stages of a fax handshake to negotiate the speed. Now, instead of dropping the session when this occurs, the modem sends the TSI (Station IDs) / DCS (on-line status) again. For example; if the modem is set to connect at 14.4, but the lines are bad, the modem sends a FTT to drop the speed to 1200 or 9600bps, etc.

This was fixed in firmware version 1.32b. The latest firmware can be downloaded from our Web site at: