Fixed - The MultiVoIP now operates with the Nortel Succession 2000 switch. Except for T.38 faxing from Nortel to MultiVoIP, all other operation tests have been successfully completed.


- Nortel Interop: Analyzing&Resolving RTP Packetisation - G.711 problem.
- Nortel Interop: Analyzing&Resolving multiple Packetisation for the same coder in TCS / OLC negotiations.
- Nortel Interop: Changing the Disconnect cause code in GK mode for endpoint busy scenario - "Adaptive Busy" cause rather than "Gateway Resource", if the endpoint is busy.
- Nortel Interop: Analyzing&Resolving the Fast Start - Voice Coder Mismatch problem.

This was Fixed in firmware version (6.07.c9) and corresponding software version (x.07). This firmware and software along with instructions can be downloaded from our Web sites at: