Firmware upgrade procedure for the ISIHP_2x.

Go to our web site:
and download the latest firmware (ISIHxxxx.EXE).
and download the latest Flash Wizard Utility (FLASHWIZxxxxx.EXE).

The flash wizard has a readme file with the instructions to flash the modems.

The following procedures will guide you through the process of upgrading your Multi-Tech device using the Firmware Update Wizard.

Installation Procedure

Run FlashWiz.exe to install the Flash Wizard. The setup program will ask you for the name a directory to install Flash Wizard in, C:\Program Files\Multitech Systems\Flash Wizard is the default.

Upgrade Procedure

1) Open the Firmware Update Wizard. In Explorer, double click on Flash Wizard.exe or from the Start Menu select Programs - Flash Wizard to start the Firmware Update Wizard. The Identifying Devices dialog will be displayed as the Wizard locates and identifies the devices connected to your system.

NOTE: If the message, "ERROR: No valid devices detected" is displayed, verify that the device is powered on, and that all cables are correctly and securely attached.
2) Once the devices have been identified, they will be displayed in the Devices list. Click on the device(s) to be upgraded and click Next to proceed.
3) Select the port(s) to be upgraded from the Port list, and select the appropriate .HEX file from the Hex File drop-down list. Once satisfied with your selections, click NEXT to continue.
NOTE: Repeat step 3 for each of the devices selected in Step 2.
4) The Progress dialog is displayed showing a status bar, indicating the progress of your upgrade.
IMPORTANT: As noted in the dialog, any disruption of the program during this stage of the upgrade may cause your device to be inoperable. Wait for the Next button to become active before proceeding.
5) Once the upgrade is complete, the status bar will be full and the dialog will display the message, "Programming Complete." Click NEXT to continue.
6) The Results dialog is displayed, indicating the results of the upgrade. Your firmware upgrade is complete. Click FINISH to exit the Flash Wizard.