Faxfinder crashes on Windows 7 and won't relaunch

The Faxfinder client; whether it be for the X20 series, X30 or X40 series, crashes on Windows 7 client computers and sometimes Windows Vista.
Sometimes, the software will have been working fine, but begin to crash after a software update such as Adobe Acrobat or Windows Update.

Resolutions about removing a log file from the program directory do not seem to help.

If another user profile does not exist on this machine, temporarily either log in as ADMINISTRATOR, or create another account on the machine for another user who exists in the Faxfinder; and if you are on a domain, exists in the domain.
Log in as alternate user and verify that the client starts up and runs under that profile. The Faxfinder Icon should be visible in the system tray.

If it does run without issue; your users profile on the machine is corrupt.

Using standard IT practices, back up the users files from their user profile tree on the hard drive to an external destination.
Remove the users profile AND all their files using Windows' User Accounts in the Control Panel.
Reboot the computer after this.

Log back in as Administrator and verify the user's former profile and tree are completely gone. If so; re-create the users profile by Adding a new user account in User Accounts. DO NOT RESTORE FROM BACKUP! (There is a chance the backup also contains the corruption)

Once created; log off and then back on again as that user.
Launch the Faxfinder client and verify it also launches and runs without issue.
If things look good; restore the users files that were backed up earlier. The user should be able to return to using the machine.

The Client should not have any further issues.