FaxFinder Client Software Log Location and Details

You can view the current copy of the FaxFinder Client's primary log, directly within the FaxFinder Client software.

Bring the software up by clicking on the FFClient icon in the system tray,

From the main menu bar select EDIT, select OPTIONS, select LOGGING, and then click on the VIEW LOG button.

This Log file is created when the software is launched and contains information about itself (version and configuration), interaction with Windows and events related to it's use by the user (print capture detection, fax scheduling details and scheduling attempts). The amount of debug data for these events is dictated by the "Trace Level" setting found on the "Logging" tab (the higher the number the more debug). Values 1 through 9 is supported. 5 is the default. Set it to 7 if reporting a problem. Never leave it at 9 for extended amounts of time unless you are watching the system, the directory and the amount of free drive space.

The log files are written into the Fax Finder Client Software's Application Data folder, of the Windows Users account that is currently logged on to Windows, specifically as follows:

Windows XP & Windows 2003:

C:\Documents and Settings\Windows Username\Application Data\FaxFinder Client Software\

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 2008:

C:\Users\Windows Username\Application Data\Roaming\FaxFinder Client Software\

Additional Notes:

The main Log uses the following naming convention: FaxFinderClientLog-date-time.txt (where date is month-day-year and time is hr-min-sec-am/pm-fraction of second). For example: FaxFinderClientLog-12-31-2010-11-59-30-PM-500339.txt

The Temp sub folder (C:\....\FaxFinder Client Software\Temp\) has some additional logs which can be helpful to troubleshoot certain types of issues.