FaxFinder Client Exception Error Uninitialized Constant Outlook

When starting the FaxFinder Client software, if you receive the following exception error:

   Type = NameError
   Message = uninitialized constant Outlook::()|FolderCalendar

You may need to do one of the following:

A) Disable your anti-virus (or anti-malware) software before starting the FaxFinder Client

B) Run Outlook before starting the FaxFinder Client

C) Disable Use Outlook Contacts in the FaxFinder Client configuration.

Anti-malware software can in some cases interfere with the ability of the FaxFinder Client to launch Outlook when retrieving contacts from Outlook.

When the FFClient software is configured to use Outlook Contacts it will launch Outlook in the back ground (to access contacts) if it is not already running.
Applications, anti mal-ware, anti-virus & security software can be configured to watch for this type of activity and act upon it.