Fax Finder x30 version 2.1.0 upgrading concerns

There may be issues if the Fax Finder Server and Client aren't both upgraded at the same time. See below for more detailed information on what happens when one is upgraded but not the other.

Fax Finder Server is upgraded to version 2.1.0, but Fax Finder Clients are still at version 2.0.5:
The v2.0.5 client will continue to operate as it did with the previous server firmware. The users will be able to retrieve personal contacts, but will be unable to use the new global and group contact features added to v2.1.0.

Fax Finder Server left at version v2.0.4, but the Fax Finder client is upgraded to version 2.1.0.
The v2.1.0 client will be unable to get any contacts from the v2.0.4 Server. Although you will still be able to get Outlook contacts. The users can still manually add fax recipients and schedule faxes.

Therefore we recommend that you update the server first and then clients after that.