Error responses to AT+CSQ , AT+CREG? (+CPIN: PH-NET PIN)

On Multi-Tech "H4" series devices if you receive an error message to the following commands

Issue this command to check the status of the SIM:

1. If the response is +CME ERROR: SIM not inserted:

Verify a SIM is correctly inserted and power cycle the device.

2. If the response is "+CPIN: PH-NET PIN"

This means the SIM/device is locked.

If you can use the same SIM in different devices without the entry of a lock code and they operate normally you need to verify you have ordered the correct Multi-Tech product.

At the time of this resolution there are two variations of Multi-Tech products which can be identified by looking at the model number on the label attached to the device. You are looking to see if the model number contains "P1" or "P2."

P1: For use with network SIMs other than AT&T
P2: For use only with AT&T network SIMs

Only AT&T SIMs function on "P2" series products. Use of SIMs other than AT&T on a "P2" device will result in error responses to commands AT+CSQ and AT+CREG? and the response to AT+CPIN? will be +CPIN: PH-NET PIN.

If you are using a non-AT&T SIM on a P2 device you need to either obtain an AT&T SIM or purchase a model containing "P1" in the model number for use with non-AT&T SIMs.

If you do not have access to your product label, please issue the following command:

Provide the response to Multi-Tech support staff who can identify the device based on the response to the ATI command.

Additional information about the commands listed in this resolution can be found in your product's AT Command Guide manual.