Error (48) - Too many block retransmits when sending a fax

PRODUCTS: FF240, FF440, FF840 (for original analog FFx40 models with MT5634SMI modem only, not .R1 or .R2 models which have a different modem)

This error may indicate poor line conditions.  If this error occurs only on faxes to a few remote sites, it may be indicate phone line problems at those sites.  If it occurs on a higher number of outbound attempts to many different recipients, this may be a sign of phone line problems at the FaxFinder site.

Decreasing the Max Baud Rate on the FFx40 modems to 9600 or lower may help compensate for poor line conditions.

You can also try following the instructions below to upgrade the FFx40 modems to the latest 1.32S firmware version.  This version includes changes that sometimes help when faxing over VoIP connections.

1.  Download the 1.32S modem firmware from from our ftp site at .  Right-click the "DWQG132S.HEX" file and choose 'Save Target As' to save this file to a clean directory on your hard drive.

2.  Go to "System Configuration -> Software Update" within the FaxFinder web configuration.

3.  Click "Browse" next to the 'Modem Firmware' line under "Modem Firmware" at the bottom of this page.

4.  Browse to where you saved the DWQG132S.HEX file you downloaded in Step 1 and select it.

5.  Check the box under 'Update' next to each of the Modems shown.

6.  Click the 'Update' button in the lower-right corner of the "Modem Firmware" portion of the page to start the upgrade.

7.  The FaxFinder web configuration will refresh itself and bring you back to the "System Configuration -> Software Update" page, once the upgrade has finished.