Does your MultiVOIP work with CISCO 2500/2600 series routers?

Current MultiVOIP's (MVP210/410/810/2400/2410/3010) will work with Cisco 2500/2600 voice routers that support H.323. Older MultiVOIP's (MVP110/120/200/400/800), which are running current H.323 firmware, will also communicate with an H.323-compliant Cisco voice router.

Use caution when using our older-style MVP800 with H.323 and Cisco devices. The MVP800 does not support the G.711 coder, or more than 4 concurrent calls when used to communicate with 3rd-party H.323 devices. The current MVP810 does support G.711 coder and will allow 8 concurrent calls with 3rd-party H.323 equipment.

I strongly recommend our current MVP210/410/810 for this type of application. You will find Information on these MultiVOIP models on our web site at: