Does your ISDN modem (MTA128ST) have a built in V90/56Kbps analog modem? We are looking for modems with both analog and digital features in the same box.

No, the MTA128ST doesn't have ISDN and analog modem capability in one, it is an ISDN only ISDN modem. However, an external analog modem can be attached to the POTS port. The only products that we have that are both ISDN and analog are our hybrid series ISI cards. The models ISIHP-1S, ISIHP-2S, and ISIHP-4S all have ISDN and analog modem capabilities. The -1S has 1 ISDN and 2 analog modems. The -2S has 2 ISDN and 4 analog modems. The -4S has 4 ISDN and 8 analog modems.