Does this embedded modem support Reverse mode?


We have been using Multitech MT2834BL external modems in one of our systems. To talk the base we need to make use of the AT (r) modifier which reverses an Originating Modem into answer mode after the call has been established on the PSTN. This can also be achieve with R0/R1 as direct AT commands. We have no control of the base end which always flips to originate when answering a call. Recently we have been using a new system which has an embedded MT5634SMI embedded Multitech Modem. We cannot get this to operate with the AT(r) modifier or the R0/R1. The manual does not reference the command either. Can you confirm whether it is possible to Make an embedded MT5634SMI flip from Originate to Answer after making a call?


Sorry, the MT5634SMI modems do not support reverse mode.