Does the Multitech RF600 support these features / functions?

- MAC Filtering, YES
- IP Filtering, YES
- Access Policies (GUI), YES, using packet filter rules
- Consistency checks, YES, using self monitor
- Stateful Inspection (e.g. IP, TCP sessions timeouts, UDP replies, service / application-level access control), YES
- System log, YES

Protection against attacks from Internet, e.g.:

- Denial of Service, YES
- IP, ICMP (Fragments, Max. Size), YES
- TCP (Syn Defense), YES
- HTTP Worms, YES
- HTTP Protocol Inspection, NO
- Mail Content Security (.vbs, .exe), YES
- FTP (Bounce), NO

Optional product features:

- URL / Keyword / Content Filtering and Blocking, YES
- Domain Blocking, YES
- Scheduling, NO
- Bandwidth Control Policies, NO
- IDS functions, YES