Do you have any plan to support DNIS?

DNIS is routing information intended for a PBX (i.e. route this call to a particular extension of the PBX - the call could come into the PBX on any channel of the T1 line and then get routed to a particular extension). The CommPlete system is not a PBX - it ignores any incoming DNIS information. The CommPlete internally has one to one mapping between the channels of the T1 span and our modems. When the Telco sends a call (to the CommPlete) on channel 1, it goes to modem 1. When the Telco sends a call on channel 23, it goes to modem 23, etc. The CommPlete does not control which channel \ DS0 \ trunk the call comes in on - this is a function of the phone company's switch. To use our system for an inbound fax, Your host fax server must open a TCP/IP socket to the RAS server in the CommPlete prior to the call, open one IP socket per modem, look for a ring message from the modem, look for Caller ID information from the modem, and then start receiving the Fax.