Do you have any information on connecting the MVP PSTN and ISDN gateways to an Asterisk SIP/IAX2 server?

The SIP protocol is supported by both our analog and BRI MultiVOIP's. Each is capable of registering to an Asterisk SIP server.

However, we do not have any documentation/configuration guides specific to using our MultiVOIP's with Asterisk.

Following is some basic MultiVOIP configuration that is typically required for inter-operation with Asterisk:

Under Configuration ->Call Signaling ->SIP:

Check "Use SIP Proxy"
Enter the Asterisk IP address as the "Primary Proxy"
Configure User Name and Password the MultiVOIP will use to authenticate/register to the Asterisk.

Under Configuration ->Voice/Fax:

Coder = G.711 U-Law (or whatever voice coder is supported/configured on the Asterisk)

Under Phone Book ->Outbound Phone Book:

Destination Pattern = Any Number
IP Address =
Protocol Type = SIP
SIP "Use Proxy" = Checked (Enabled)
Transport Protocol = UDP

Under Phone Book ->Inbound Phone Book:

Remove Prefix = Whatever number you want the voip to be seen as from the Asterisk
SIP "Register with SIP Proxy" = Checked (Enabled)