Do the mDot or xDot support the Indian frequency band (865-867 MHz) (IN865)?

For the mDot/xDot:

Build a custom firmware version with the IN865 channel plan using following libraries on Mbed. IN865 is selectable in ChannelPlans.h

For the Conduit:
Configure the IN865 channel plan using the following method (as of AEP 1.4.3):
https:///api/loraNetwork?method=PUT&data={"lora":{"channelPlan" : "IN865","frequencyIN" : 866000000}}&apply=now



Note: Replace  with the Conduit's IP address.

      The WEB GUI will not show IN865 after issue a save and reboot API command above. This is a known bug. 

      Use the API command - https:///api/loraNetwork - to check the channel plan settings (IN865).