Cover page creation via Adobe Acrobat Pro X (version 10)

The FFx30, FFx40 series of FaxFinders come with three default cover pages which can be used.

If you desire to create your own custom cover page Multitech recommends the use of Adobe Acrobat Professional to create the PDF cover page via adding form fields to an existing document.

For instructions on how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro X to create cover pages please follow this link:

The following documents appear in the folder:

Instructions in Word Format:
COVER PAGE - Adobe Cover Page Creation Acrobat Pro 10.doc

Instructions in PDF format:
COVER PAGE - Adobe Cover Page Creation Acrobat Pro 10.pdf

Microsoft Word document used to create cover page layout:

Finished PDF cover page created in Adobe Acrobat X:

Additional Details:

The cover page Word document originated in Office 2007 and was saved as Version 2003 via .doc extension.

Acrobat 10.0.1 was used on a PC with Office 2010 installed. When PDF is created Acrobat opens .doc file in native application (MS Word 2010 in this case.)

In previous versions of Acrobat every time you saved you had to select save as and select optimized or document would not be saved as version 5.0. 

In version 10 after optimizing the fax and saving once it appears you can just select save if making additional changes without losing the version settings.