Connections fail, No Signal or only 2G connections are possible

If you are experiencing at least one of the following issues this resolution MAY apply to your situation:
1. All data connections are failing even though 
   A. SIM has valid account on network
   B. The correct APN has been defined
   C. Authentication has been set to what is required for the account (PAP/CHAP/NONE) 
   D. If required the appropriate username and password has been entered.

2. Data connections are successful but data throughput is low as device is only establishing GPRS/EGPRS data connections.

3. Device detects signal but fails to register to the network. 

If you are having at least one of the issues above perform the following steps to see if it resolves your issue:
1. Login to MTR GUI with username and password
2. Select Administration
3. Select Debug Options
4. To the far right of "Radio Terminal" text select the down arrow key.
5. Type the following command in terminal screen and and press enter: AT+WS46?
   A. If the response is "+WS46: 25" this resolution does not apply to your situation and additional steps below are not needed. You should check for other issues such as lack of signal, registration, valid account, correct APN/authentication settings are being used and match what is required for the account.     
   B. If the response is "+WS46: 12" or "+WS46: 22" type the following command in terminal screen and press enter: AT+WS46=25        
6. After issuance of AT+WS46=25 press Save & Restart and follow prompts to reset MTR.
7. After MTR restarts verify connection status to determine if issuance of command AT+WS46=25 resolved your issue. 

To keep this issue from occurring:
Do not navigate to the Stats & Logs / RF Survey page. If you do go to the Stats & Logs / RF Survey page when done you should leave the page and navigate to the Radio Terminal screen and issue command AT+WS46=25 as described above.