Connection to share fails indicating "SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.

When creating a connection to a Microsoft Domain Server the Fax Finder indicates the following:

Connection to //servername/sharename failed cli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.

When setting up a Microsoft Server as a Domain Controller, SMB signing requirement for all network shares is automatically turned on.  When the FaxFinder tries to access the share without SMB signing it is rejected by the server. 

The FaxFinder FFx30 series does not support SMB signing. The FaxFinder uses the Samba File system. The Samba file system does not support mounting of network SMB shares. 

1. Disable SMB signing on the server or change the server security setting to not require it. 

This is done on Server 2003 for example by changing the security setting to not require SMB signing. The server will still enable SMS signing but onloy if the client agrees.  This setting is found under Local Security Policy and the setting name is: "Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (always)".

2. If you are unable for security reasons/concerns to disable SMB signing on server then you will need to configure a network share on a different PC/Server on the LAN which does not require SMB signing.