Capability S Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data M')

ISDN ordering codes (IOC) allow customers to order, via a simple code, pre-configured packages of ISDN features and services.

This ISDN ordering code is the recommended IOC since it supports the most features for voice and data applications. However, ISDN tariffs in some areas may warrant ordering codes with fewer features (e.g., where therre is an additional monthly charge for having voice service on both B channels). If yours is a data only application, you may find Capability R more cost-effective.

Capability S supports:
-2B service,
-Alternating voice/data on each B channel,
-Two directory numbers.

Applications for Capability S include:
- 112K or 128K bps data,
- 56K/64K bps data with voice or modem support,
- Generic 112K/128K bps data transfer applications (including remote access and LAN/WAN connectivity and telecommuting).