Cannot get the SIM card into the modem

Description: A misalignment on some devices exists if the SIM holder on the PCB is not perfectly aligned with the SIM slot in the chassis panel. The SIM holder is properly aligned on the PCB, but the small tolerance of the placement of the SIM holder combined with the tolerance that the chassis panel has within the mounting holes together, if on opposite sides of the tolerances, will create an issue. The SIM slot in the panel is sized perfectly for the SIM card and does not allow for much misalignment.

Product Scope: All MTCs and MTRs that do not leave the factory with a SIM pre-installed (excludes -C2 and -EV3 products which don't have SIM slots).

MFG Lot Scope: There is no variable that would make one particular lot more susceptible to this issue than another. It is very rare for this issue to occur (0.08% potential failure rate).

MFG Solution: A SIM is now being inserted into the device after it is placed in the chassis to ensure a SIM can be inserted properly. If there is any misalignment issue, the device will be brought back to the chassis assembly area to be properly aligned.

Customer Solution: If you are able to perform the re-alignment repair on your own, then do the following: Use a T8 bit to loosen the 4 chassis screws on the panel with SIM slot, insert a SIM card allowing the panel to properly align with the SIM holder, and then tighten the 4 chassis screws to 4 inch-pounds. If you are not able to perform the re-alignment repair, then contact MultiTech Product Support at to request repair and mention Resolution #5085739.