Cannot access the FaxFinder via ethernet cable when connected to a specific hub/switch or Changing FaxFinder Ethernet Port Speed - Auto Negotiation Issue

Generally this question of how to change Ethernet speed comes up when a person cannot access the FaxFinder via ethernet cable when connected to a specific hub/switch, or when there is intermittent connectivity when connected to a specific hub/switch.

In some cases the cause of the issue may be a problem relating to auto speed negotiation of the Ethernet link between the FaxFinder and the Hub/Switch the FaxFinder is connected to.

When there is a conflict with the Ethernet connection between FaxFinder the following actions may temporarily resolve the issue.

A. Power cycle/restart the FaxFinder.

B. Power cycle/restartthe hub/switch the FaxFinder is connected to.

C. Removing of Ethernet cable from FaxFinder and plugging it back in again (may need to be done more than once.)

D. Manually setting FaxFinder Ethernet port speed to a fixed speed.

Although the Ethernet speed of FaxFinder can be manually changed it is only a temporary change. If power is lost or FaxFinder is restarted the ethernet speed setting will reset to auto-negotiation. For this reason the changing of the FaxFinder ethernet speed can not be considered as a long term solution.

SSH to FaxFinder on Port 22 from a PC which can access FaxFinder (or issue the commands over the local FaxFinder command port.)

If accessing via SSH login using administrator account.

Issue commands:

mii-tool –v
This command will show current settings and available options.

mii-tool -F [option] [interface]
example: mii-tool -F 10baseT-HD eth0
This command will force an interface to the desired setting and disable auto-negotiation.

When Fax Server is restarted this setting will be lost. There is no method to make this setting permanent.

1. Connect FaxFinder to a different brand/model of hub/switch.

2. If FaxFinder is connected to a managed switch/hub the issue might be resolved by setting the managed switch/hub to 10baseT vs. auto negotiate on the port the FaxFinder is connected to.