Cannot SSH to FaxFinder nor send outbound faxes, but web works

Attempting to SSH to the FaxFinder fails and sending outbound faxes fails. However, browsing to the FaxFinder via web works.

1) First make sure that the FaxFinder's Ethernet cable is connected and functioning and that the correct device name or IP address is being used to access the FaxFinder.
2) If the Ethernet and IP appear okay, then try to access the FaxFinder via web browser. If that is successful, then try to SSH into the FaxFinder. If that fails, then somehow the passwd file is corrupted.
3) If the web interface works, but SSH fails then do the following:
--> Save the current configuration via web browser using the System Config -> Save/Restore page "Save Config" link.
--> Reset the unit to factory defaults using the System Config -> Save/Restore page "Restore Factory Defaults" link. This will cause the FaxFinder to revert to the default username/password and IP address (
--> Either use the console port to change the IP address to what works in your environment change the IP of your PC to be on the same domain (192.168.2.x). Now change the IP address from back to what it was.
--> Restore the configuration from the web using the System Config -> Save/Restore page.