Can't get rid of 'Found new hardware, IWay Hopper' on bootup of Windows

It is possible that the IWay Hopper (MTA128ST) that you have is the MTA128ST-RC model. This model requires a different INF file called "128STRC.inf". This INF is available on our web/ftp sites in "drivers.exe" and it also ships on the Configuration Utility floppy disk if you received the packaged version of the MTA128ST. Simply copy the 128STRC.inf file to a floppy disk and either restart (without the floppy in the drive) and wait for the message to show up or in the System control panel's Device Manager tab (Windows 95/98) click on refresh. This will find the new hardware again and then insert the floppy and have Windows search the floppy for the INF.