Can't find LE100.INF or TX100NDS.SYS

If the driver disk can't find LE100.INF or TX100NDS.SYS, you will need to perform the following steps;
2) Delete the file C:\WINDOWS\INF\Multi-Tech SystemsNET100.INF.
3) Go to the Control Panel, double click on Systems, open Network and remove the MT10100ZLX/E PCMCIA Fast Ethernet 2.02.
4) Copy the contents of the floppy to a temporary folder on the hardrive. Call the temporary folder MT10100-INSTALL.
5) Unplug the card from the laptop.
6) Reboot the laptop.
7) Once it's rebooted and ME is up and running, insert the MT10100ZLX/E. Follow the prompts, when it asks where to search, choose the manual option and point/browse to the MT10100-INSTALL folder.