Can the FaxFinder support Internet faxing, for example, if I install the client software on my notebook and then bring the notebook home and connect to the Internet, can it still connect to the FaxFinder back in our main office and send a fax?

Yes, you can use the fax client over the Internet to the fax server, providing the firewall(s) between the client and server have the required ports opened and mapped. This resolution assumes the Fax Finder Server is configured with a private ip address and resides on the private (secure) side of your company's network. Additionally, the configuration of the Fax Finder Client software will have to be such that it accommodates the change in location when it is used from outside of your company's network (firewall).

The Fax Client uses ports 1500 thru 1540, both TCP&UDP, to communicate with and send faxes through the Fax Finder Server.

Your company's firewall needs to map network services UDP 1500 thru 1540 and TCP 1500 thru 1540 (FFClient traffic) from it's public WAN IP address to the private IP address of the Fax Finder Server.

When the Fax Finder Client is on the Internet, the IP address of the Fax Finder Server it is trying to connect to, must be that of the public IP address (WAN port) of your company's firewall. Add a second Fax Server to the configuration of the fax client - specifying the public ip address of your company's firewall (instead of the fax server's private address). Also, when your notebook is at home, it too may be behind a firewall (either a hardware or software firewall) - this firewall needs to have open the same services (ports), but at this end the direction it must be open - is from the private side to public side.