Can an MVP200 work with an MVP130?

Yes the MVP200 and MVP130 can work together. H.323 firmware needs to be loaded on the MVP200...version 2.52. The phonebook of the MVP200 should be set to host mode and have entries for itself as well as for the a total of three phonebook entries. The MVP130 has an outbound and inbound phonebook. In the outbound phonebook you can add two entries matching the numbers set in the MVP200s phonebook for itself. In each of these entries set the destination extension number and IP of the MVP200. Leave the protocol set at H.323.
For the inbound phonebook add one entry with a remove prefix number to match the entry set in the MVP200 that calls to the MVP130. Make sure the voice coder selection is matching between the units under voice / fax settings. Set the MVP130 to the appropriate interface type.