Can all packets be routed thru the VPN, (i.e. simulate a remote net is )


I have a remote location that correctly connects a VPN to a central point. We are using the option: "Disable Internet Access" (VPN tunnel only). However, we are unable to access points beyond the remote network because packets are not routed thru the VPN. The test is as follows:

Local net is
Remote net is

Now we would like all packets be routed thru the VPN. "Disable Internet Access" does not seem to do this.


The RF550VPN can NOT route all traffic over the VPN tunnel. The VPN tunnel is only for traffic that belongs to the remote local subnet, it can NOT go beyond the remote local subnet.

We do have another product (RF600VPN or RF660VPN) which will be able to tunnel all traffic. You must have the same product at both ends of the VPN tunnels.