Can I use my own certificate on the FaxFinder?

Yes, you may use your own certificate. Keep in mind that if you default the FaxFinder to factory settings or use the System Configuration-->Certificates page to generate a new certificate, your custom certificate will be overwritten.

1) The FaxFinder's web server requires the certificate to be a combined private key and cert file. For example, it would contain the following sections:

2) Make sure your custom certificate is named "server_cert.pem"

3) Load "server_cert.pem" on to the FaxFinder server.
On firmware version 3.3.0 and later, go to the Certificates menu in System Configuration. Click "Upload", Choose File and select the "server_cert.pem" file. Click Save and then OK to continue. Afterwards click on the "Click here to restart the device" option on top to reboot the FaxFinder.

On firmware versions older than 3.3.0, Use SCP or STFP to copy the new certificate to "/usr/local/ssl/" and then reboot the FaxFinder.

4) After rebooting, log into the web GUI of the FaxFinder and check System Configuration-->Certificates to make sure that your custom certificate was successfully loaded.