Can I use Avaya 4610 / 4620 IP phones with an MVP810 unit without any other Avaya equipment? I want to connect analog stations from a PBX directly to the FXO ports on the MVP-810 and use the Avaya IP phones as the IP endpoints for the extensions.


Will this require the Avaya version (810-AV) of MVP or can it be done with the standard 810?


Yes, you can connect PBX extensions to the MultiVOIP FXO ports if the 4620 IP phones are using 1.8 firmware or lower. They can communicate with each other and the MultiVOIP FXO ports using survivable mode. This requires the MultiVOIP -AV model. The 4620 IP phones and MultiVOIP need to be connected to the IP network. You cannot connect the 4620 phones directly to the MultiVOIP.

Keep in mind that, while in survivable mode, the MultiVOIP drives the 4620 IP phone in a very basic fashion. There will be no extended dialing features like hold, transfer, conference, Caller ID etc.