Can I connect your analog MultiVoIPs to Advanced / Digital Hybrid Panasonic PBXs models: KX-TD1232, KX-TD816, KX-TA624?

Yes, the analog MultiVOIP's are compatible with these Panasonic PBX models. Generally speaking, the MultiVOIP's will interface with any PBX that has either available analog station ports, CO Ports, or which has an E&M tie card installed.

The voip FXO interface can be connected to PBX analog station (extension) ports. Configure a voip channel for FXS to connect to line (CO Port). The MultiVOIP E&M interface can be used to connect to analog E&M ports.

Some MultiVOIP models do not support all three of the voice channel interfaces I mention above.

The FXS, FXO,&E&M voice channel interfaces are supported by our legacy MVP200/400/800 and current MVP210/410/810 MultiVOIP models.

Our MVP2410 supports T1 interface.

Our MVP3010 supports E1 interface.

Our new MVP130 supports both FXS and FXO, but does not support E&M.

The legacy MVP110 supports the FXS interface only.

The legacy MVP120 supports only FXO.

Specific information on these MultiVOIP models can be obtained from our web site at: