Can I Update FaxFinder Contacts Automatically?

There is no internal option/process within the FaxFinder to have the FaxFinder automatically import contacts from an external address book or external file or database into the FaxFinder at a specified interval.

FaxFinder contacts can be manually added or manually imported from a file into a specific user's contact list but this requires a person to manually add/import/modify them.

You do have the option of writing your own application/program to interface with the FaxFinder's API for the purpose of adding and deleting contacts.

Please review the Administrators guide for further information about FaxFinder API.

In theory if you are able to write your own application to use the FaxFinder API you would instruct the application to do something similar to the steps below at a specified time interval:
1. Retrieve contacts from your database or the source file containing all contacts.
2. Retrieve contacts from the FaxFinder file system for a specific FaxFinder user.
3. Have your application/software perform a differential analysis of the two contact lists.
4. Based on a differential between contact lists, your application would send the appropriate code via API to FaxFinder to:
A. Delete contacts
B. Add contacts
C. Modify current contacts
5. Application would repeat process for additional FaxFinder Users