Async port and cross over cable method of upgrading firmware.

If you can use a cross over cable, here is what you can do: (cross over cable has pin 2 and 3 crossed and pin 4 and 5 crossed)

- Download the latest software and firmware file and store it on your local drive. It can be downloaded from our web site at:

- Run the EXE file to uncompress the file

- With the cross over cable, connect one end to the COM port of your PC and the other end to the async port of the RF500S.

- On the PC, run windows hyperterm, and set baudrate to 19200, power on the RF500S and see if there are text messages showing on the terminal screen, if not, power off RF500S, change the baud rate to 38400 and power on. Try all the baudrate 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115200 until you see the text messages.

- Once you see some text messages after powering on the RF500S, you will have 5 seconds to enter the word "upload"

- Start Xmodem upload (send) to the RF500S, specify the firmware name (i.e XE200.1, the file should be in the Manager directory). Be careful and make sure you select the proper firmware.

- After the Xmodem file transfer is done, you can press Y to upgrade.