Allow external applications to query modem information based on AT commands that are configured.

Applications can access URL to get the IP address that is currently assigned to the wireless modem after a PPP connection is established and it also shows the results of all the AT commands that are configured. The AT commands setup is in the webadmin PPP -->Modem Commands setup page. The AT commands configured will be sent everytime it initiates a PPP connection to the network. Here are some AT commands that can be useful for management purposes, refer to AT command guide for more details:


You can also retrieve the modem information without using a browser:

- make a TCP connection to port 80 (same as the webadmin port) and send data as:

GET /atinfor.html HTTP/1.1

follow by two<CR>

This was changed in firmware version 1.19. This firmware can be found on our FTP site at: