Adding internal MT5634ZPX in to SCO UNIX.

2:55 PM 8/2/00 ks

INSTALLING THE MT5634ZPX-PCI IN SCO OPENSERVER 5.0.5, 5.0.4* and UnixWare 7.1.1

Section 1 .... OpenServer 5
Section 2 .... UnixWare 7

Section 1:

HINTS: Beyond the command(s) to find the PCI address and IRQ, it uses all of the same procedures one would normally use to install a new serial port and modem.

SCO allows 4 physical ports for standard serial devices. If all 4 are used (COM 1 -COM 4), you will have to remove one of the devices occupying a used port.

If the new com port is not shown on the hardware screen, when booting up, then it has not been installed.

If installing an internal modem into an existing unused com port such as Com 1 or Com 2, you may have to disable the port in the BIOS. Because of the many BIOS types, it's impossible to do a walk through on that procedure. Please consult your motherboard manual or contact your reseller.

* In OpenServer 5.0.4, Serial Manager must be used to install the MT5634ZPX-PCI. It's found in the XWindows GUI. Open the System Administration folder, Open the Networks folder, double click on Serial Manager. The command shell does not seem to like addresses over 8 bits. The XWindows GUI accepts 16 bit addresses (like 7c00 versus 3F8). Follow the prompts given to change the IRQ and I/O Address and relink the kernel.

Installing a MT5634ZPX-PCI in to SCO OpenServer 5:

1) Log in as "root"

2) Use "hw -r pci | more" to get the port address and the IRQ. (option: "hw -r pci>pci.txt" to output the result in to a text file). Do not use "pci" by itself when outputting to a text file as the file name, while logged in as root, or the possibility exists the system file called "pci" will be overwritten. By default, UNIX does NOT ask if you want to overwrite files!

3) Locate the section that has "ClassCode: 0x078000 (Other communications device). And SubSystemID: 0x0480. This is the MT5634ZPX-PCI.

4) Record the first I/O address listed as the port address. (BaseAddr [z]: I/O NxNNNN where z is the first I/O base address (not memory) and NxNNN is the I/O address.

5) Find and record the IRQ listed in InterruptLine:

5) Use "mkdev serial" or Serial Manager to add a serial port. Choose "IBM Com X" for the new port. X is the number of the new port. Use the first I/O address (from #4) listed as the port address. If the address is 0x7C00, use 7C00, do not use the "0x". See HINTS above for disabling the port in the BIOS, if needed. Use the IRQ listed in "InterruptLine:" If it says "INT-10", just use the 10.

6) Once added, the system will require the kernel to relinked. Once that's done, reboot for the changes to take effect.

7) Log back in as root.

8) Configure the modem as needed on the new port. Add required entries to Devices. If using to dial out, a Dialer may be needed.

That's it for OpenServer 5.

Section 2:

1) If you can use "hw" in UW7, you're almost set, follow the above. You may have to find the line in the DCU. Just type 'dcu' on the command line. It brings up a shell that displays the installed hardware and software drivers. Find the line that will probably say UNKOWN and displays the I/O and INT information from the from the "hw" command. Replace "UNKOWN" with "asyc". Just press the 'tab' key to get to the "Device Name". Press the F2 key and make the change. Hit Enter, then F10, then save the responses. Reboot.

2) If you get an error that "hw" can't be found,or you get "killed" at the next prompt, then you have two options.
a) Update your OS. See for TA 110556 for 7.0.0,7.0.1 and 7.1.0. If you
have version 7.1.1, get TA 110743. Any problems installing you need to contact SCO.

b) Use this command (7.1.1), it may work for lower version, for this test, 7.1.1 was
used. '# echo pcilong | ndcfg -q | more'.

3) Using either method in step 1 and 2, Look for "Vendor ID = 0x11c1 = AT&T Microsystems" (Chip Manufacturer), "Device ID = 0x480" and the line " Base Address 1 = 0xNNNN" (NNNN = the I/O you will use). And look for "Interrupt Line = 0xn" (n = the IRQ in hex. Example: 0xa would be INT 10)

4) Use the DCU as in step 1, section 2. You may need to reboot.

5) Bring up Serial Manager from the admin icon. You should see the new port. Set it up according to how it's going to be used. Hardware flowcontrol is highly recomended. Modem control in UW7 does NOT use any flowcontrol. Set it for incoming only, outgoing only, or both.

6) To talk to the port, I recommend using terminal control in the Direct line in Devices, (term/02t).

If you have problems: Call tech support or see for the latest help files on installing modems in SCO OpenServer 5 and UnixWare 7! Also See SCO-Unix_help.doc on for basic troubleshooting tips.