Added Authentication for Username and Password in SIP.

The VoIP sends a register request to the registrar for each entry with its configured username and password. When authentication is enabled for the endpoint, then the registrar / proxy sends "401 Unauthorized / 407 Proxy Authentication Required" response, when it receives a REGISTER / INVITE request. Now, the endpoint has to send the authentication details in the authorization header. In this header one of the fields is "username".

Generally proxies accept requests even if both endpoints name and username are the same. But some proxies expect that the endpoint name and username should be different.

To support these proxies, we have the username and password configuration for every inbound entry which gets registered with proxy.

If the username and password are not configured in the inbound phonebook, then the registration will happen with the default username and default password which are configured in the SIP Call Signaling Page.

MVP210-FX, MVP410-FX, MVP810-FX:
This feature was added in firmware version 14.11.0H

MVP210, MVP410, MVP810:
This feature was added in firmware version 6.11.05

This feature was added in firmware version 1.11.0F

This firmware along with instructions can be downloaded from our Web site at: