Added - The ability to set the Real Time Clock via the FaxFinder Web interface. Both the date and time can be adjusted. Any updates to RTC settings are also made to system time. On boot, system time will be set to RTC time.


The real time clock information is displayed on the Administration page under the Time Configuration section. When the page loads the real time clock is read and the information is displayed in the following fields:

Time - (2h hr) hh:mm:ss
Date - mm/dd/yyyy

If the information displayed is incorrect, first check to see that the time zone is set corectly for your local time zone. To set the clock use 24 hour local time.

IP Configuration:

A Hostname field was added. Some email servers require a FQDN in order to accept SMTP email. The hostname may be set on the administration page under the IP Configuration section. If set, this value will be sent to the SMTP server when sending mail via the EHLO command. If not set, the value defaults to the model number of the FaxFinder.

This was added in firmware version (1.03). For update instructions please go to this link: