Added - ISDN Subaddress For Dialout in Japan.

Japan, NTT Switch. ISDN address consists of ISDN number and ISDN subaddress. ISDN subaddress is used to specify a device assigned to the ISDN terminal (ISDN phone, an analog port of ISNA TA, etc.). In Japan phone numbers can have a variable length, so a delimiter is required to specify the subaddress.

For example, when dialing out from the MultiAccess to a remote ISDN location, issue: ATdt0123456789*003

Where 0123456789 is the ISDN number and 003 is the subaddress. Everything after the delimiter "*" is the sub address. NTT allows for alpha-numeric subaddress characters; however, the MultiAccess only supports numeric subaddress characters. The asterisk "*" is the only delimiter supported by the MultiAccess.

This was changed in MultiAccess software (version 1.12). Please see Resolution 3376 for instructions on updating your MultiAccess MA30120.